Apps and other


There are many apps and websites out there that can help you through your witchcraft journey. Below are some that you may find to your liking.

A phone app that offers Hyper-personalized astrology information. “Unlike the broad and vague horoscopes you usually read in magazines, we take more than just your sun sign into account. We use a complete picture of the sky when and where you were born to generate hyper-personalized horoscopes.” The app is available for both Iphone and Android.

An app to help you read and interpret tarot cards and their readings. It features a database that keeps track of your cards over time and how they have affected your life or mood.

A website with an endless archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends, folklore, the occult and witchcraft. The site is free to use and has been accredited by many researchers and educators.

A website created by Bri Luna that is dedicated to sharing the knowledge of witchcraft and spiritual knowledge through crystals, meditation, and lunar rituals, and other practices. It is also a site that focuses heavily on self healing through practices of witchcraft. 

A website that offers in depth info about Tarot cards, horoscopes, zodiac, and more. They also have many free tarot reading apps, tarot lessons, and tarot decks to purchase.

A digital book of shadows. This app allows you to keep track of your spells, rituals, consecrations and more.

The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, and culture. Hosted by Pam Grossman, she interviews witches from all backgrounds to learn more about the varying practices of witchcraft and offer advice for listeners. 

A witchy blog and podcast run by Paige the Fat Feminist Witch. She discusses and examines witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, fat, feminist perspective. All with a “cauldron full of sass”.

“How do you know if it is spirit or nature who answers? Maybe there is no difference at all. Maybe grace is green.”

pam grossman