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Capricorn Season

Let’s talk about Capricorns and how their ambition and desire for success is something we can all learn from in the new decade.

It’s a new decade, every planet is going into retrograde this year, the world is going through a lot changes. A lot is going on, and it can make one feel defeated and like there isn’t a pathway forward. But with it being Capricorn season right now, it presents us with an opportunity to talk about our favorite sea-goat and what they’re all about. And how their outlook on the world is something we can all observe to transform our own lives into something more positive and new.

Capricorn: represented by the sea-goat, ruled by the planet Saturn, and connected to The Devil tarot card. They are some of the most self-disciplined and ambitious people you will meet. There is nothing they cannot do or will not try to do. They put in the work to achieve their goals and as a bonus, have the patience to wait for the fruits of their labor. And being a cardinal sign, they are natural leaders, passionate about what they love and care about, and can also be impulsive when it comes to acting on their desires and their goals. 

The energy and direction of a Capricorn is beautifully explained by the story of the sea-goat. The mythical sea-goat started as a fish in the sea, navigating the ocean and feeling the pull of the tides. It knew all it needed to know from the ocean, so it decided to grow the front legs and head of a goat, so they could make their way out of the sea. This way they could explore new places on land, and eventually be able to climb mountains to get to the top of the world. Going up and up to discover more and more and achieve everything they could have dreamed of. 

This story sums up Capricorns and what they represent at their core. Capricorn energy can be connected to these areas:

  1. Success
  2. Ambition
  3. Patience

Each area filled with positive possibilities and directions, and lessons any sign can learn to push forward in their own lives.


Being a cardinal earth sign Capricorn’s are more grounded than most. They have a strong desire to seek more of what is around them. Whether that be in their relationships, their workplace, or themselves. They not only desire success, but they also work extremely hard for it. Capricorns know that success takes time and isn’t easy, but they should definitely enjoy the fruits of their labor. Some think that a typical Capricorn is just focused on success in the serious parts of lives, and that makes them an uneventful sign. But it’s far from that. Their ability to enjoy their success makes them some of the most exciting people you will meet. They will push themselves towards new and shining opportunities in their creative world, personal world, and social world. Whether they’re a musician or an account director, a Capricorn will take what they’ve learned to be successful and utilize that in any other way they can imagine beyond what most would see or assume of them.


With a desire for success, a Capricorn also has the ambition and drive to be able to get there. Some of the most famous Capricorns are extremely successful people because they pushed themselves to reach new heights and took the time and effort to get there. And now they ended up being some of the most respected and admired in their field. You need a fire to fuel the flame. It may take work may not always work out, but keeping your goals in mind and not giving up will take you to wherever you want.


They have the ambition, they have the desire for success, and they get to that success. But good things take time. They don’t happen overnight. Immediate need for results in not something most Capricorns do. They may get frustrated on the way there, but they keep pushing past it and remember patience. Patience is a virtue most people don’t have. And sometimes that need for instant success can make one give up when they think their hard work is amounting to nothing. Observing Capricorns and how they handle and deal with patience can help us all get closer to our goals. They not only know when to push forward, but they also know when to just go with the flow. 

We all have desires. Getting a lot of money. Finding someone to love. Starting a new business. The list goes on and on. Capricorns desire all of this and more, and they fight for it. With the new year in motion, we see all the work we have to start and also what we have left to do. It’s not going to be an easy year. But we must push forward, and put in the work so we can succeed together. Start pushing, keep working, and remember to wait for it all to come together.

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