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Witchcraft is more than just the tools and spells, it is a way of life. It’s constantly learning new things, checking in with yourself, and following your path the best way you know how. It requires one to have great control over the mind; being able to focus, enter different states of consciousness, visualize and create energy and fully utilize it. To fully utilize your abilities, it is best to keep learning and always stay curious.

Learning as much as you can can create more opportunities for you on your witchy journey. You can start by studying spells and traditional practices, and eventually you’ll know how to construct your own custom-designed spells. You can start to fill your book of shadows with your spells, your thoughts, and experiences. You can meet other witches and talk about your thoughts and work together. You’re on a very exciting journey. Explore the idea and desire of being a witch as deeply as possible. Get to know yourself and your wants.

Below are a variety of subjects to look through to start you on your journey on how to become a witch. The information in this section is more technical information. Learn the history of witchcraft and how it began and still exists around the world. Learn about different traditions to find one that resonates with you. Look at the different tools used in witchcraft and see what they do. Deep dive into it, and see what you find! We are constantly looking for more information to share with fellow witches. Keep coming back to see what’s new and what new bit of info catches your eye. Let’s get started.

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How to Become a Witch

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Holidays & Celebrations

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Symbols & Signs

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“The witch is undoubtedly the magical woman, the liberated woman, and the persecuted woman, but she can also be every woman.”

Kristen J. Sollee