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Enhance Lust

This spell can assist those seeking a more down-to-earth, connected, and intense erotic experience. It may work for one night only, it may work for three in a row. Partners can perform together for a combined experience or one may perform for both of them. Either way, be ready for a great time.
Red candle
Mint (ground)
Rose petals (ground)
Picture of partner
Incense of your choice (rose incense could enhance effects)
  1. Prepare your area. Gather your red candle to the center, with the picture of your partner resting near it. Sprinkle your herbs around your candle and picture. Burn your incense and light your candle, keeping your intentions strong in your mind.
  2. Combining herbs with your candle can help enhance your intentions even further. For a larger candle, safely melt the wax in the candle and add some ground peppermint for positive energy and rose petals for love, and add to the top of the candle. Don’t add too much and try to evenly distribute and submerge the herbs into the wax. With a smaller candle, anoint it with some oil and roll or spread some herbs over the surface.
  3. Calm yourself and focus. Begin to chant the following:

“Universe, grant my request. Open the floodgates of desire in the person for whom my heart conspires. Let them feel the heat of my body warm and sweet.”

  1. Burn the paper with the person’s picture on it, lighting it from the red flames candle.
  2. If the candle is small, let it burn completely. With a larger candle, let it burn a bit longer to help enhance the energies at work. Blow out safely and discard of the remains.

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