In astrology, we look to the shifts in the planets to understand the greater shifts and changes within our universe. As witches, we can look to the planets and how they relate to not only ourselves but to others to see how it relates to the past, present and future. Planets rotate around the Sun at varying rates, meaning you can be in a certain phase for a shorter time or it can last for generations. Being in tune with the planets can benefit and help you on the path of learning the practice of divination.


Rules: Leo

The Sun, the provider of life and energy. The symbol of our life force and will to exist. It is the center of our universe, so in turn, represents our basic core identity. It is how you describe the reasoning behind your actions, and shows you your best self and your highest potential. 

The Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo, resulting in them putting great importance in their self-image. It helps us shine bright, and inspires us to create our best work and be our best selves. With that comes great passion, pride, and assertion. But this can also result in overconfidence and arrogance.

Rules: Cancer
Time to Transit Between Signs: 2-3 Days

The Moon represents our deepest feelings and needs. It also shows us our habits and our instinctive reactions. The Moon has come to represent our unconscious, not seen but shown to us based on our actions. There is a powerful phenomenon with the full moon affecting our emotional well beings, putting us usually at the lowest peak of our emotional stability.

The Moon is Cancer’s planetary ruler, a sign that is deeply emotional and sensitive. Cancers crave security and stability, making them extremely loyal and deeply motivated by matters of the heart and home. It is also the feminine counterpart to the sun, symbolizing the more nurturing and emotional needs we have. You can find more technical information information by looking at this years lunar calendar.

Knowing the exact phases of the moon and when they take place can be beneficial for certain types of spellwork. Each phase lasts a few days so there is more time to spell cast.

new moon

New Moon

The start of the lunar cycle, where the moon is lined up with the sun and the earth. Beginnings are a powerful influence during this time.

Spells to perform: New starts of any kind, beauty, health, personal improvement or new career opportunities.

waxing moon

Waxing Moon

The moon getting larger each night as it cycles towards the full moon. Growth and development are a powerful influence during this time.

Spells to perform: Personal strength, motivation, inspiration, friendships, healing or general good luck.

full moon

Full Moon

The moon is seen fully in the sky, only lasting for a short time compared to other phases. Have your spell prepared and consider 2 days before and after the full moon.

Spells to perform: Anything artistic or creative, love, fertility, romance, psychic talents, divination or making difficult choices.

waning moon

Waning Moon

The moon begins to get smaller as it cycles towards the new moon. Removals have powerful influence during this time.

Spells to perform: Banishing bad habits, breaking addictions, or ending relationships

Rules: Gemini, Virgo
Time to Transit Between Signs: 3-4 Weeks

Mercury represents communication. Within our personalities, our ideas, and of course how we communicate with others. It is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, making you curious, communicative and adaptable. But on the negative, those traits can change like the flip of the switch. Making them indecisive, critical and negative. They can be extremely intelligent, but can also use that intelligence for deception.

Mercury orbits the sun at a very fast rate because it is one of the inner planets, meaning the way it affects our lives is very short-lived but happens more often. It affects how you think, communicate, and organize. It will show others your communication style very quickly. Whether you are blunt and to the point, or kind and reserved with your words.

Rules: Taurus, Libra
Time to Transit Between Signs: 4-5 Weeks

Venus is another innermost planet. So like Mercury, it affects your life more often and in shorter bursts. It is one of the most feminine related planets being the only planet with the name of a female goddess, representing beauty, sex and pleasure. 

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra, two very different but similarly linked personalities. Taurus is more sensual, taking in more of the material joys of the world like food, art, and other things that can be enjoyed by the senses. Libra is more harmonious, also enjoying material things but more in tune with the luxury and sophistication of those things. 

Through Venus, we learn to explore and recognize our pleasures, tastes, and desires that make us truly happy. Outwardly it seems more materialistic, but it helps us remember to observe the beauty around us. It also rules over our love and friendships, not just romantic but family and other emotional attachments.

Rules: Aries
Time to Transit Between Signs: 6-7 Weeks

Mars is the planet of desire, action, and energy. It represents survival instinct, and the drive to act and act now. Mars has also been associated with war since it is named after a Roman god of war.

Mars is the Aries ruling planet, ruling over physical attraction and chemistry. It is the planet of action, paired with Venus being the planet of reaction. You will find yourself jumping into things before thinking about it. Wanting to get things done and get them done fast. It brings up anger and aggression, one of the most basic instincts. 

Mars will affect how enthusiastic you are and where your true desires truly lie. It is very difficult to sugar coat your desires. The biggest thing with Aries and being associated with mars is that you become incredibly impulsive, which can help with motivation and drive you towards your goals.

Rules: Sagittarius
Time to Transit Between Signs: 12-13 Months

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, representing good luck and abundance. Along with expansion, influences and wealth. It is named after the king of the Roman gods and is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. Those ruled by this planet see the bigger picture; searching and craving for meaning and purpose in their lives and with what they do.

Jupiter is a strong planet and has great influence on success and whether those efforts are rewarded. It drives us into the direction of success, which can present risks but ultimately helps us achieve our dreams. Those who are influenced by Jupiter examine all possibilities and risks, honing their skills and abilities to be the most successful. They are always on the path of self-realization and self-improvement.

Rules: Capricorn
Time to Transit Between Signs: 2-3 Years

Saturn is the planet that is connected to what we view as our limitations and restrictions. More importantly, it shows us our restrictions on time and matter, making us see what our boundaries and responsibilities are. It also shows our need for self-control and is vital to helping us realistically achieve our goals. 

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, those who constantly work harder and harder to achieve their goals and ambitions. Those under this sign find great comfort in understanding the boundaries of the world and how they relate to them. It also represents things that have a history; traditions, old age and important learning lessons. Saturn is a teacher, showing us what we need to learn and what that comes with and how to overcome the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Along with learning, Saturn is also associated with justice. It resides over ambition and career, pushing us forward to perform well, and punish those who try to slide by without doing the work. It can also be connected to depression and self-doubt since not all lessons are positive ones. While this may sound sad, Saturn is ultimately a planet of harmony. Showing you-you are stronger than you think and able to overcome all obstacles.

Rules: Aquarius
Time to Transit Between Signs: 7 Years

Uranus, one of the outer planets that can affect our lives for quite a while. It desires and controls drastic changes. It is the ruling planet for Aquarius, the most future-forward sign. This planet has lead to the rise of many revolutions and worldly changes. It makes us think to the future, what we want and more importantly what we want to change. With this desire for change, it also connects to science and invention. Pushing us to create what we want to see and invent things that can help us get there.

Uranus dictates what makes a person unique. With a strong Uranus in their chart, a person may be viewed as “untamed” and “wild”. You will be seen as adventurous and outgoing, searching for new adventures and discovering new things. But being so driven can also result in being closed off, even isolated. Showing negative bitter mood changes, highlighting the negative aspects of the planet.

Rules: Pisces
Time to Transit Between Signs: 10-12 Years

Neptune is the planet of spiritual development. Shining through in a public setting like a church and within your own private practice. Neptune is also the ruling planet for Pisces, characterized by mercy and kindness. People ruled by this planet are sweet and forgiving. There is also a connection to those ruled by Neptune to seeming more psychic, having colorful dreams and tending to know things most don’t. But truly it is connected to their deep sense of empathy and connection to others that allows them to see and feel things most don’t. Neptune gives kindness and understanding to those who wish to see, feel and understand what others do.

Those ruled by Neptune find a light in the darkest of situations. They feel deeply connected to the universe and have faith in things working out for the best. They aren’t afraid to take chances and don’t contemplate the risk of failure. The negative side of Neptune can lead people to overly ambitious or unrealistic goal setting, make them feel disappointed when things aren’t following through. It can also lead to being so focused on the abstract, that they seem naive and not driven.

Rules: Scorpio
Time to Transit Between Signs: 12-15 Years

Pluto, the outermost planet, represents transformation and change. People ruled by Pluto are constantly reinventing themselves, always ready to start over if they fail. Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio, truth-seekers at their core. They are constantly on the search for the truth, which gives them an intensity you see in only a few. But with this pursuit for truth, it can reveal the negative side of the planet: obsession and stubbornness. That desire for change can lead them to forget about the smaller goals they want to accomplish. The largest positive of being ruled by this planet is there is no fear of failure since there is always a chance to restart.

“A witch knows nothing in this world is supernatural. It is all natural.”

Laurie Cabot