Spell candles are frequently used on a workspace or altar to represent the presence of a deity such as a god and/or goddess and in the four corners of a ritual circle to represent the presence of the elements: fire, earth, air and water. From a secular perspective, spell candles are often used to enhance a spell or ritual. They are burned at ceremonies, and the lighting and dimming of the candles marks the opening and closing of the ritual.
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Spell candles can be charged with magical energy like many other tools. They can be cleansed by anointing it with a small amount of oil during the waxing phase of the moon. It can also be carved with various symbols to further empower the candles with those energies. They are often used for magical meditative purposes, healing rituals, to increase a spell’s power and influence a particular power. They are believed to absorb personal energy and release that energy as it is burned. Altar candles are thick tall candles of long tapers in many colors. Ideally, spell candles that are home-made from beeswax using natural dyes and essential oils are used.

The different colors of spell candles are significant since each has its own energy, attribute, symbolism and influence. Different colors represent different signs of the zodiac, different days of the week, and different Wiccan Sabbat celebrations. Main color symbolism and associations are:



Sexuality; strength, physical health and vigor; blood, birth and death; passion and fertility; protection; healing neuralgia and exhaustion; used in defensive magic



Courage, strength and authority; concentration and encouragement; solving legal problems; healing coughs, colds, asthma, arthritis and exhaustion



Psychic and spiritual awareness; wisdom, harmony and peace; prophet dreams; protection during sleep; promoting happiness, laughter and joviality; treating insomnia, high blood pressure and minor wounds



Ambition; mysticism, inspiration, wisdom and idealism; purification; reversing a curse; aid in meditation, sensitivity and higher psychic talents; speeding healing during illness; treatment of allergies, sleep disorders and stress-related disorders



Protecting pets and animal healing; solving household problems; attracting money, financial success and help in financial crises; eliminating indecisiveness and improving powers of concentration; finding lost objects



Intuition; persuasion, charm and confidence; protection; attracting fast luck or financial benefits; used in rituals solar deities



Stalemate, neutrality and cancellation; helping develop psychic abilities; removing negative energy, or influencing and encouraging stability



Evil and discord; loss and sadness; opening up the deeper levels of the unconscious; absorbing and destroying negativity; protecting against retribution



Love and friendship; spiritual awakening; healing of the spirit; femininity; entertaining; morality; overcoming evil; treating anxiety and depression and ailments of the heart



Spiritual truth and strength; peace, purity and innocence; breaking of curses; exorcism; meditation; household purification



Persuasion; creativity, confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying



Nature, fertility, and rejuvenation; healing; money, prosperity and good fortune; fertility; emotional soother and balancer; used to counteract greed and jealous

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