Casting spells is a common practice amongst many witches. Spells can be cast to affect the self, directed to affect another person, and a variety of other purposes. The practice of magic and the casting of witchcraft spells requires time, patience and an ability to be fully aware of the energy you are projecting and the energy around you. It encourages and rewards creativity, curiosity and persistence. Let’s go over some basics.

What is 
a Spell?

A spell is a method of impressing your will onto universal energy. You are working with that energy to provide you and others with success, prosperity, love, happiness, health, and other things you may desire. A spell is a deliberate, specific action to connect with the energy of the earth by following a specific formula or general direction. Witchcraft spells may be cast for positive or negative results, depending on the witch’s intention. Differing traditions have their own specific rules, redes, and thoughts behind what kind of spells to cast and with what intentions spells should be cast. Look into your preferred tradition to learn more about what those are. 

How Spells are Cast

There are a variety of methods when casting a spell. It usually depends on the type of spell and also can vary depending on the tradition of witchcraft. They can be cast using inscriptions of runes or sigils on an object such as a talisman or amulet, using the recitation of incantations, performing physical rituals, using magical herbs or potions, through the purposes of divination, scrying and many many more.

Most spell-work is largely based on rituals and can be as simple as using candle magic to start the ritual process. Simple spells can be used for day-to-day related magic such as blessings, self-help, etc. On the flip side, it can require a full circle-casting ritual and a variety of tools. There are a variety of factors that can affect the setup and process of a spell. Something to note is how the lunar activity may affect your spell. Certain spells may be more effective or powerful when they are cast under a specific phase of the moon, or during a specific time of year. It is best to reference a lunar calendar if this is an important factor when casting your spell. 

There are a variety of types of witchcraft spells you can perform. Below are a number of categories for you to look through and find a spell you are interested in. We are constantly adding new spells so be sure to come back and see what is new. 

A word of caution. Spells require patience, practice, and an ability to be fully aware of the energy you are projecting and the energy around you. There are many resources a witch can find that can give one information and instructions to perform spells that are very powerful and require a decent amount of experience. And there are spells that are very powerful and can have intense results. 

There are spells that can be used to harm others. There are spells that can be used to summon spirits and other beings. Spells can be dangerous if not used correctly. Do your research, know what the effects and possible repercussions of a spell are before casting, and be safe. And cast responsibly. Not to be cheesy but with great power comes great responsibility.



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