Western Zodiac

Western zodiac is a small piece of the practice of astrology, but it is important in a variety of divination related practices. The western zodiac is most commonly known for describing the personalities and characteristics of people. The zodiac signs dates and meanings influence the personalities and astrological meanings, and have been included below. You can utilize this information in divination readings such as tarot.
The Ram
A ram head

Dates: March 21 - April 19 Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars
Tarot Card: The Emperor

Aries, those who seek challenges and take them on head-on. They tend to have high energy and a thirst for life. They are intelligent, optimistic, and natural leaders. At times they can be hot-headed, and with the desire to seek justice, this can result in some heated arguments. And they don’t back down from arguments, and they are determined to win that argument and have the last word. That fire that burns within makes them great defenders. Not only for themselves but also others. 

They exhibit traits such as bravery, fearlessness and being headstrong. This can lead to them being incredibly competitive and to be driven to be successful in many areas of their lives. Working smarter and harder to achieve their goals, living exciting and eventful lives. Those under Aries are also incredibly positive and enthusiastic, never doing anything half-heartedly. 

With strengths come weaknesses. People under Aries never back down, which can make them incredibly stubborn. They want to not only push themselves to do new things but push others, which can come off as arrogant and pushy to others. When they get stuck on a project, they can have a one-track mind, leading them to appear as selfish and unaware of how their actions affect others.

In regards to family, there can be a competitive vibe between siblings and friends, but they are incredibly loving and warm towards those they care about. They give their all to their relationships, being incredibly loyal and aggressive when they think they are being threatened.

The bull
bull head

Dates: April 20 - May 20
Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus
Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Those born under Taurus are some of the most incredibly reliable and dependable people you will meet. They exhibit a great sense of security and stability, searching for this not only in life situations but with those they let into their lives. People under Taurus are incredibly stubborn and don’t like change. This makes them get very comfortable with routines and making it very hard to influence or change their ways. They are incredibly determined, helping them reach success and not being afraid to get their hands dirty to achieve their goals. 

Taurus is an earth sign, so they are very connected to nature. You can usually find them settled down on the countryside, and usually outdoors. They can’t stay cooped up for long and are generally not drawn to cities and cramped built areas. 

People who share the Taurus zodiac are very loyal, taking their time when making a decision. The choices they make usually end up being the right one. They make sure the task at hand is planned well and done well. People under Taurus love to love, love food, their family, their friends, and the finer things in life. 

Being born under the bull, they are incredibly stubborn. When they don’t like something, they will let you know and it will be incredibly hard to change their mind if you can change it at all. They also have incredibly high standards and are very hard on themselves. Especially when the end result of a task didn’t end up the way they wanted. And since they are incredibly patient, when you actually succeed in making them angry it’s incredibly intense and proceed with caution.

Being incredibly loyal is very important to a Taurus. So as a result, they are incredibly loyal to their loved ones. They love to laugh and are generally the funny person in the group, and savor any time they can spend with their friends and family. And with this love they feel, they become incredibly protective and will fight for those they care for.

The Twins
identical twins

Dates: May 21 - June 20
Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Tarot Card: The Lovers

Gemini are incredibly social and desire to be surrounded by people so they can share their thoughts and ideas. Communication is very important to them and makes them great to have a conversation with. They have a very curious nature and are always asking questions. Being an air sign their personalities can change easily, ready to make decisions and change things up at the drop of a hat. With being curious and creative, they can also get easily bored.

With being incredibly social, they can be very charming. They love to entertain and be entertained. And with their curious nature, they tend to learn little bits and pieces about a variety of things to keep themselves from getting bored. But they don’t generally gain a deep understanding of these topics since they tend to jump from subject to subject.

Because they live moment to moment, their personalities also change from moment to moment. This adaptable nature can make them incredibly superficial, dropping things simply because they lost interest. And being so curious, diving into so many areas of knowledge, and starting so many new projects can result in them never finishing anything. If something is not going their way, they drop it. No questions asked. 

When it comes to friendships Gemini can make friends quickly, but lose them just as quickly. They will become very involved with people, ask lots of questions and get to know them through conversation. But as soon as they get bored they tend to leave with little explanation. They enjoy spending time with family but can strain relationships with their constant life changes and need to be the center of attention. They can also be the glue that holds the family together, and help their family push themselves creatively.

The Crab

Dates: June 21 - July 22
Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon
Tarot Card: The Chariot

Cancers are incredibly emotionally driven. They have a desire to be needed, loved and appreciated to feel a sense of security and identity. And being associated with the crab, the sense of home is very important and makes them feel safe. It is hard to achieve anything unless they feel safe and comfortable in their home. With this, they make their homes warm and loving for those around them, both emotionally and physically. Making others feel warm, loved and secure.

With being very sensitive, this can result in the building a very thick skin to help them deal with changes and challenges. And with that shell, it can be hard to know what is truly going on underneath. They can become moody if their emotional needs are not being met. Cancers also tend to be clingy, which makes them sensitive to the emotions of others. But this can help them become successful since they are more intuitive with the needs and feelings of others.

Those born under Cancer are very loving people and are considered one of the most nurturing signs. They also take their friendships and relationships very seriously, unconditionally loving those who they let into their lives. Cancers will drop everything to help a friend or loved one if they need them. They share what they have, both in the home and emotional support. And they can suffer deeply when relationships don’t work out.

A Cancer’s need for love and appreciation can make them needy and clingy. This can also lead them to lie, especially if it will prevent a loved one from leaving them. They have a huge fear of abandonment and will go to great lengths so they don’t have to be alone. Letting go of the past is also a great challenge for them. By being incredibly sensitive, they forgive easy but it is hard to forget. Past wrongs will leave a deep scar. They will poke and prod at it over time, sometimes accidentally reopening it. Things that hurt them or remind them of their insecurities make them retreat back into their shell.

With friends and family, Cancers are loyal and ready to help them when they need it but don’t like it when they are being overlooked. They can feel wounded when friends leave or move and when siblings don’t enjoy spending time with them. But their relationships tend to work out just fine. They don’t deal well with being ignored for long and tend to their relationships often to keep them strong.


The Lion

July 23-August 22
Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: The Sun
Tarot Card: Strength

Being ruled by the sun, Leos bring warmth, life and light to those around them. Their natural charisma draws others to them, falling under Leo’s magnetic pull. They love being the center of attention, thriving on compliments and people being around them. Leos love luxury and material things. They also tend to pursue jobs and roles that allow them to lead. As a result, they don’t do well when having to take orders from others.

Leos are incredibly loyal and will be quick to defend those who cannot defend themselves. They are honest and expect the same from those around them. If they feel appreciated and loved, they will return the favor. At the first sign of trouble, they will be there to defend and support their loved ones. They are filled with a deep moral sentiment and believe in doing what is right. But with their great sense of pride, they rarely accept help from others. 

Those born as Leo are driven by their egos and react badly when that ego is damaged. Their pride is also usually what gets them into the most trouble. Because they love being in charge, they get uncomfortable when they can’t get control of the situation. And in regards to friends and family, they can tend to smother those they care for. Which can mean if they are left alone and ignored Leo’s worst nightmare.

They are also easily hurt emotionally and don’t deal well with their insecurities. With a huge sense of pride, they don’t react well to criticism from others. They can start to act childish and demand the attention of others to make themselves feel better. And when they become insecure they can start to show off in an attempt to bring themselves back up to higher standing.

Leos are very protective of their friends and family, making it a priority to keep their family close and strong. They tend to have the longest lasting relationships of the zodiac.

The Virgin
winged figure

August 23 - September 22
Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Tarot Card: The Hermit

Virgos look calm outside but under the surface they are deep in thought, calculating and assessing the event and people around them. They are very detail-oriented and methodical. They are usually okay with being alone as long as they feel secure and their emotional and intimate needs are met. They enjoy this alone time to help ease their anxiety. Virgos can be a bit self-critical of themselves, constantly over analyzing and thinking about what they’re doing and how they want it to be perfect. They find great comfort in their pursuit of improvement.

Those who fall under Virgo are hard-working and love to better themselves. They are also very perceptive, creating order in all the chaos. Virgos are honest, easy to point out someone’s strengths and weaknesses. This criticism comes from a good place, trying to help those they care about. Not only do they want others to improve for the better, but they are also determined to improve themselves. This quest for self-improvement makes them very hyper-focused on how they are perceived by others.

Virgos are ready to hand out criticism with the intention of helping, but it can get out of hand if left unchecked. The need for perfectionism and things to be the way they think it should be, this can make them be too hard on others but also on themselves. And as the anxiety builds, if they can’t find a way to let it out in a healthy way, they can have nervous breakdowns. They also aren’t good at taking the same kind of criticism that they give out. 

It’s easy to create and keep relationships with Virgos since they love to show others how much they care and don’t ask for much in return. They will do anything to keep their relationships strong and help them when they need it most. They can get caught up in interpersonal drama, being a bit nosy and intrusive.

“All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic.”

sybil leek
The Scales
blind folded figure holding weighted scales

September 23 - October 22
Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus
Tarot Card: Justice

People born under Libra are always weighing the options for themselves and others, appearing indecisive but in reality thinking deeply about the well being of those around them. Libras are very diplomatic and fair and hate to see people upset over things that don’t appear balanced. This can make them a bit of a people pleaser, but for the sake of unity. Nothing is more important to a Libra as being treated fairly.

Libras are very concerned with what is fair in the world. Because they are passionate about the truth and their objective nature makes them great mediators. To keep peace and avoid conflict make it easy for them to be self-sacrificing, thinking the state of others is more important. They usually don’t mind, finding great happiness in the joy of others. With a great sense of morality, they are great advice givers as well. 

It can be difficult to trust the words of a Libra since their words are chosen so methodically and carefully. They also tend to keep their emotions bottled up if there’s a chance that those feelings would create conflict. But those feelings can’t stay bottled up forever. Libras also take a lot of time to make decisions, which can frustrate people and make them feel like they don’t care enough to make a choice.

Their sense of fairness is very beneficial for family life since they always strive for balance. They tend to create a good balance with friends and family, but don’t give them enough time to self-reflect in between.

The Scorpion

October 23 - November 21
Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto
Tarot Card: Death

Scorpios are very independent, enjoying the time they have to themselves and work well alone. Because they are so independent, they tend to mature very quickly as children and are determined as adults. They are fearless when it comes to trying new things and challenge themselves to not be afraid of the unknown. With their bravery, courage and protective nature they are usually placed into leadership roles. 

Scorpios are very passionate beneath the surface. They have great self-control, more so than others. But they enjoy this self-control, it makes them feel safe and secure. This self-control can make them a rather private person. But even with that need for privacy themselves, they like seeking the truth about others. They have a very strong intuition about people, and they are usually correct. They don’t enjoy letting others see their feelings, so will keep them a secret to protect themselves from getting hurt. And since they are good at keeping secrets, they are valued deeply by their friends and viewed as trustworthy. 

Those ruled by Scorpio crave control, which can make them seem manipulative and even jealous at times. They also may overanalyze things, which can lead them to believe something is afoot when nothing is. This can also lead them to always assume the worst. A trait that is feared by others of the zodiac is a Scorpio’s sense of vengeance. They never forget a betrayal or insult and have been known to retaliate for the smallest injuries. Scorpios can also hold grudges for a very very long time, and strike when threatened.

A person who falls under Scorpio is a very loyal and trustworthy family member and friend. They learn who to push and who to avoid from a very early age. They won’t overstep their bounds as long as they are treated well and given their own space. They enjoy being with family but not for long, since they mainly enjoy being alone.

The Centaur
centaur with a bow and arrow

November 22 - December 21
Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Tarot Card: Temperance

People born under Sagittarius and roamers and dreamers. They don’t enjoy routine or things that are repetitive. They are also incredibly curious and seek an adventure that allows them to be free to explore new possibilities. This sign can become greatly impatient with people who stay in routines and accept the first offer without asking any questions. They are also on a constant search for knowledge and learn the “why” behind everything.

Sagittarius are highly intelligent and need a good amount of mental stimulation to stay motivated. And with that need to know, they make great teachers, eager to share what they learned with the others. They are also some of the most optimistic people you will meet, being positive, friendly and warm to everyone. Another great thing about Sagittarius is they are straightforward and honest, say what they mean, and will never leave you guessing. In all aspects of life, Sagittarius is creative. With their work, friendships, and personal ventures their creativity will shine through. They love new experiences and are never afraid to try new things. They push themselves and others to try new things to help themselves grow. 

Those born under Sagittarius are very accepting and open, but they cannot tolerate dishonesty. They also get bored very easily and will move from task to task very quickly. You will sometimes catch them in a lie when they say something one day and something different the next probably because they changed their mind about things. Also with their optimism comes a sense of naivety, and even denial of the truth.

Sagittarius are great storytellers, and friends and family love that. They do tend to drift off and travel, but they will never forget their family ties and those who matter to them most. And because they love to explore and travel, their friend circle will grow bigger and bigger. They love to share their stories with as many people as possible.

The Sea-Goat
half goat half mermaid figure

December 22 - January 19
Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Tarot Card: The Devil

Capricorns, one of the most goal-oriented and self-disciplined zodiac signs. They make up some of the best scientists, politicians, leaders and teachers. They are great at setting goals and working long hours to achieve them. They are extremely determined and patient, keeping their eye on the prize. Knowing that it takes commitment and dedication to get to the end goal.

They take life very seriously and find it strange when others do not. With this serious demeanor, they can have a pretty dry sense of humor. They are the strong silent type and work behind the scenes. They work hard to achieve many of their goals but aren’t very vocal on announcing those achievements. Silent and stoic to the core.

Most Capricorns are very good at seeing through deceptions and will find the truth quickly. They will avoid things such as jealousy, anger and laziness since these emotions only slow them down on the path to their goals. They are very patient and easily handle their cool, no matter the argument or the situation. But this also means they are shy and reserved and don’t let people get too close until they are sure they can be trusted. They are also great decision makers since they focus on the facts and have great analytical skills.

Capricorns tend to put their achievements first, making them seem inflexible. They don’t like to be wrong, but more importantly, don’t like to admit that they are wrong. They will even go as far as to not believe certain facts if those facts don’t match up with what they believe to be true. It is also very difficult to gain a Capricorns trust, since they typically keep their intentions and feelings hidden. This can also make them difficult to read. They also have a reputation of being pessimistic, and without the help of someone more optimistic, they will fall into depression. 

They are very loyal to family members and family. And with their logical approach to life, they will cut out those who hurt or manipulate them. When they start to grow their own family, they find great happiness with them. They are usually the most mature and logical in their friend group. They are the one you go to for logical advice and when a decision needs to be made.

The Water Bearer
figure holding pitcher of water

January 20 - February 18
Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus
Tarot Card: The Star

People born under Aquarius are kind, friendly and generous. But they are also guarded and like to keep their emotional distance. They are also very rebellious and quirky, making them someone to remember. While very friendly, they tend to become outsiders, observing from the outside. Aquarians tend to be humanitarians, caring very much about the state of others and the world. 

They are one of the most friendly entertaining signs, someone you will definitely want to hang out with and have a good time. They are always happy to sit down with you and listen to your issues and offer kind and loving advice in return. They are great friends and partners in life and will accompany you on all your adventures. Aquarians are also very giving and willing to share what they have with you if you need it.

Aquarians enjoy being the center of attention, and if ignored they can feel very hurt. They can tend to act out to regain that attention as a result. This can be entertaining, but can also make things less productive. Also with their giving natures, the can be taken advantage of by others. They also need a lot of time to themselves, since focusing on others for a long period of time can drain them. But if they isolate themselves for too long, they can become bored and unstimulated by their own lack of social activity. They enjoy being active, both mentally and physically or they end up feeling anxious.

Because Aquarians are so friendly and outgoing, they tend to have a large circle of friends and can be quite popular. They are easy to be friends with and are great with introverts, they balance the extrovert vs introvert balance and bring more quiet people into more social groups. They are the type of people you stay friends with for a very long time, even after years have passed and you haven’t seen each other as often. They are someone you will always remember and have a good time with.

The Fish
two fish

February 19 - March 20
Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune
Tarot Card: The Moon

Those born as Pisces dare to dream, their mind mystical and creative. They are very introspective and mysterious, which can make them very quiet and introverted. But when you look beneath the surface and gain their trust, they truly shine and are one of the most caring and interesting people you will meet. 

Pisces can be very spiritual and creative people. They have so many vivid images and ideas in their head, that often times when they express them they don’t hold up to what they imagined. They need a lot of encouragement in order to get things done and reach their full potential. And with all that imagination, it can sometimes be a challenge for them to make things a reality. They are ambitious and get things done, it can just take a bit more time and thought for them to get there.

Pisces represents our desire to evolve and change. They can easily adapt and let go of things they don’t need. They truly go with the flow. Ready to adapt to their surroundings and situations that flow around them. They also have many great ideas and excel when they take on the role of a teacher or role model. With their sensitive nature, they can sometimes be too empathetic, taking on the pain of others as if it was their own. Their love for others and the world is a great quality to have, and that love can rub off on others so they can feel the benefits of their empathy. 

With so much love, sometimes this can result with them caring too much. They can pull into drama that is not their own. And with hopes of lending a helping hand, they can attract the attention of people who may take advantage of them. And if they continue to pay more attention to others and not take care of themselves they will burn out quickly. Their lives are filled with imagination, so they can get stuck living in those fantasies instead of taking in what the real world has to offer. They will use their imagination as an escape to avoid tough situations.

Friends and families of a Pisces need to give them lots of attention and love. They need to be nurtured, and if they feel love for them they will return the favor with their compassion and loyalty. They love to spend time with their friends and family but do need the time to recharge in between.