Love spells are some of the more commonly sought after and oldest spells in witchcraft. The idea of being able to utilize energy and experience the power of reuniting with a lost love, helping a current relationship, and intensifying your sensual experiences is incredibly alluring. And with the allure of romance, there also comes the pain of heartbreak or the results of a lack of self-love. Whether pain or pleasure, love spells are easy to come by. But not all are held with good intention.

Before Casting any Love Spell

Wit, Will & Witchcraft does not advocate the idea of using magick to force another to go against their own will and consent. Magick is meant to bring us what is already given, and to work with the energy around us to guide the path of ourselves and occasionally to assist others. You will not find any spells about making a specific person fall in love with you. Any spells here are created to utilize them towards self-love, bringing love to you in a nonspecific way, and helping better current relationships. 

Performing magick against the consent of others is not only unethical and manipulative but also more than likely backfires. Terribly. It’s important to make sure the person on the receiving end of the spell can exercise free will, and not interfere with their right to act independently.

Tips before Casting a Love Spell

Believe in your will and that your spell will work. Witchcraft can help one work with existing energies to bring to where you want to be. Your thoughts and magick work are powerful forms of energy, and positivity will only amplify that power. Combining manifestation into your physical craft can be a huge booster.

Perform divination before you cast a spell. Doing this can help you see what kinds of energies at play and if there are any potential challenges in your path. Additionally, you can even do a quick test of the waters to see if what you are working towards is even a good idea. A simple yes or no goes speaks volumes.

Be specific. Witches don’t play games with the universe and neither does the universe with us. Do your research, gather all your specific tools beforehand, and make sure your intentions are extremely specific. If you leave something vague and up to the universe, you may not like what comes back to you.

Remain present. Be in tune with yourself. Protect yourself accordingly. And remain steady as you feel the energies around you and begin to start your spell.

Enhance Lust

This spell can assist those seeking a more down-to-earth, connected, and intense erotic experience. It may work for one night only, it may work for three in a row. Partners

“The magick will be there when you need it.”